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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sylvan Lake Studio Engagement / couple photographs

Recently I met with Rae and Brandon to "talk wedding" and we scheduled their engagement shoot into our busy calenders......
 And of course, knowing Alberta at its best, there was some sort of monsoon that pushed in from the arctic!  So, we made the best of things and decided we would try and get creative in the studio.  Things turned out pretty good and I think we were able to capture the genuine fun-loving spirit of the couple.

Sure we didn't have big green trees and a sunset, but the couple had each other ;)  Geesh things are getting kinda sappy.... sniff...  lets all take a moment.  But seriously, they better get used to it right?  Marriage isn't always a "beautiful evening" and may not turn out the way you originally thought when you were in your 20's.  At least this is what I am told and can expect things will always be changing and one needs to adapt and overcome to make the best of things.  How poetic Haha!

More pics after you click the jump


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