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Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Studio Photography | Sylvan Lake Red Deer areas

Hey Everyone!

The studio photographs of Payton Wallace are complete and ready for you to check out.  Poor Payton was not a big fan of the big flash!  A little upset throughout most of the shoot but we did our best, worked together and still were able to get a lot of great super cute photos....

... Thanks to Niki (mom) for having such great props available! I couldn't have done it without you ;)  If you would like to view the full album of photographs please click here to view them.

Take care

Kurt Stenberg


  1. Kurt you truly have a gift, these pictures turned out amazing considering she was'nt that happy either. Also I am so suprised that there was a couple that turned out with Sydney. Thank you so much. Niki Wallace

  2. AWWW! IT must be easy to take such amazing photo's when you have such an adorable subject!

  3. Thanks so much! I was really happy to see that we got a few good keepers even though not everyone was happy with me being there ;) Like Charlene said, it wasn't hard to make everyone look so good!

    And thanks so much for all the props and ideas! Your creativity really made this a team photoshoot!