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Friday, December 18, 2009

First Studio Subject | Test

Sorry Cooper!  Actually who knows maybe he liked being my first model?  Cooper sat there calmly for me for about 15 min before getting a bit restless.  It was in my benefit that he was scared to jump off the chair and run away.  Or perhaps waking him up from his nap and putting him straight on the chair helped?  Either way, he was a good dog ;)

Stenberg Studios is Born!

Well it aint much but its a start ;)  My new place in Sylvan Lake has a lot of extra room downstairs in the unfinished basement so I thought I would experiment with the space.  I got my hands on some stands/crossbar and a medium slate backdrop and set it up.  A couple of small strobes, umbrella, and a chair and its ready to go!  Well... I still  need to iron out some kinks... or should I say creases in the backdrop haha!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Seattle Downtown Pike Place Market

I went to seattle a while back and sat down today to edit a few pictures from that trip.  I am drawn to the pylon picture for some reason... well there are lots of reasons but I think you have to appreciate the weird qualities it has.  Does anyone else like it?  What does it represent to you?  What symbolism can you find and why does this picture work???

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