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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Destination Wedding Photography Cypress Hills

1/50 sec F4 ISO 1600 Hand held @10mm on Canon 40D - photo by Christal Stenberg

Wow! Have you been to Cypress Hills Provincial Park yet?  Very nice.  Medicine Hat also impressed me with a lot of old growth trees that line the residential streets.  That city has a lot of character.

Darrell and Lindy's wedding was beautiful and set in Medicine Hat for their ceremony and Elkwater for their reception.  I have an unreal amount of photos I could share from this wedding but knocked it down to a chronological flow (I hope).  Here are a few bunch of favorites.  Please check them out and read the captions for insight as to how the photos were taken.

(PS credit goes to my wife for the wide angle aerial photo of the ceremony.  Thanks Christal!)

Edmonton Engagement Photography

technically negative space from the columns fill most the frame.  I love the foreground blur from the depth of field (F5 @190mm)
In Downtown Edmonton, Darren and Maryna met me near the north end of the high level bridge.  We took photos near the bridge as well as the Legislative grounds.  The area provided endless locations in sun or shade as well as the options to shoot with structural and architectural  backgrounds. Park-scape backdrops were also endless with flower gardens, fountains and even an infinity pool!  I can see now why we saw so many other photographers there:)  An excellent location if you are thinking of getting photos done in Edmonton.  Here are a bunch of favorites from this shoot.  It was hard to choose!

Sylvan Lake Family Photography

I met the Henry family in Sylvan Lake at a few new locations I had not used before.  I was always curious about using the rail bridge on 60th street but never ended up meeting anyone there in the past.  It turns out, it was a great location!  We met early, around 9 or 10 AM on short notice on the thanksgiving weekend.  It worked out perfect for everyone and the weather was excellent as it usually is in the fall ;)  After the bridge I was spoiled to take pictures of the family at the Sutter family farm on the outskirts of Sylvan.  A beautiful place to take pictures ;)  However, I cannot take anyone there... this family knew the Sutters.  As usual, here are my favorites from the shoot!

Alberta Family Farm Photography | Father and Son

Just outside of Sylvan Lake near Benalto, I visited the family farm of the Dussaults.  Their farm was beautiful and had an amazing space to walk around and take photographs.  I was like a kid in a candy store and had too many ideas for photo's in the area.  The sun was strong that day and we took photos in the mid afternoon.  I had to compensate a lot with an off camera flash or find creative locations that didn't cause too much squinting but also left me the opportunity to not overexpose the background and still capture the fall colors.  We have many photos from this shoot but here are a few of my favorites.

Edmonton Family and Child Photography

I was in Edmonton recently and took photos for the wonderful Heinz family;)  I have done family photos for them before in Sylvan Lake when their boy, Alex, was much younger.  We headed to a local park near their home and also took some pics in their yard at home.  Most of the time I have to adapt to the families needs and be able to shoot where is comfortable for the children. In this case, Alex had a cold and probably didn't have the energy to focus on pics and travel around too much.  In the end, Alex did awesome and we were able to capture some excellent photographs in various locations!  PS thanks to my Sis Savannah Stenberg who helped me out a great deal on this shoot!

Red Deer Family / Engagement Photography

with strong backlighting, I chose to create a near silhouette with an intense blue vignette.  Just something different ;)
Wow this fall has been busy!  I think the leaves on the trees and colors didn't last as long as they should have with a few early frosts and some strong winds.  I had to work quickly and squeeze many people into a short time frame to get everyone's photos complete.  Now I finally have an opportunity to post a few pics and share my favorites with you.  I hope you enjoy ;)