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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Family photos Edmonton Park "Strobist style"

The Sohnle family was a great time to shoot.  They were so easy going and very naturally playful for the camera.  They made my job so easy!  We met at the park under the SHAW conference center where they have some gazebos and natural green areas.  You overlook the river and Queen river boat and have a nice city skyline behind us.  Since it is getting later in the year, we were able to use the earlier setting sun to our advantage and get some great color from the sky.  I would try and underexpose the sky and compensate with a flash or two.  I would experiment with a CTO on one or two flashes.  In a few pictures we had three flashes in use.  Two were at 45 degree angles in behind the couples shooting down and hair / rim lighting them while a large umbrella shot down above them to light up their faces with a softer light.   You can always look for shadows in pictures to reverse engineer where the light was coming from.

In the end, I was very pleased with how these pics turned out.  I think we really captured the fun loving happy family feel in all of their photos.  I have posted some of my favorites!

*more photos after the jump!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Citadel Wedding Edmonton "teaser shots"

Hey Everyone!

I am part way through editing a wedding I shot for Laura and Darcy and couldn't resist posting a few on the blog.  I will continue to edit and post as time goes on :)

Feel free to click on the pics to make them a bit larger for better viewing.

Take care,


Monday, September 21, 2009

Iphone photography


I finally got a new I phone and have already started seaching 'apps' for the Iphone related to photography.  There are tons and tons but so far I have found a favorite and thought I would let you in on it.  It is called "TiltShiftGen".  Basically this app automatically applies a tilt-shift effect to photos which can then be adjusted to your liking in a radial or linear fashion.  If you don't know what tilt/shift photography is, it can be best explained by... hmmm... selective blur vs focus?  It is another way to emphasis certain things in photos.  

You can also add vignette, adjust color sats etc etc.  I found it to be handy and definitely something fun to play around with and keeps things interesting and forces you to get creative with that little 3 Mgpix camera!

I currently upload most of my I phone photos as a blog style format to Facebook or Twitter for ease of use.  If you would like to follow me there please search username:

Stenberg Photographyblog (Facebook)  or...
Stenbergphoto (Twitter)

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Canmore Valley East From Heart Mountain Panorama

I took this panorama earlier this summer while out scrambling Heart Mountain.  I was not quite at the summit yet when I looked north and saw the vast landscape and Hwy 1 winding its way through the valley.  I ended up shooting 5 pictures in total to create this 1!  I did it all handheld and stitched them together in  PS post-production.  Camera right you can see Highway 1 towards Calgary heading East.  Eventually the hwy drains, camera left, just outside of Canmore.  If you look closely at the image or zoom in, you can see the cement plant among other things.  This image is in a 12 x 36 Panoramic format which can be printed custom or even at your local Costco ;)  If you are interested in a print please contact me at 403.307.LENS or


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sydney's 2nd Birthday party

Hello family and friends.  I have posted an online photo-share that Sydney's family and friends can look through and download if they choose.  They are a bunch of casual shots I took while at her party.  The password for the photoshare is Sydney's last name.  Please CLICK HERE.

Please contact Niki if you would like larger file size to make any prints.  However the downloaded file online should be good enough to print 4 x6's and maybe 5 x 7's.

Take care and Happy Birthday Syd!