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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nick and his Drums

F1.8, ISO 50, 1/200
I apologize for not posting as much lately.  I have been working on launching a new website to display a variety of photographs organized into galleries etc.  This blog has served me well but I think I'm long overdue for a proper website.  I hope to have it up soon so please check back;)

Nick has become a very good drummer and we thought it would make for some great portraits of him.  A simple black backdrop and some strobes setup in various places created some dramatic and interesting portraits.  Again, like my last post, I was able to get some creative shots with my new 1.8 lens.  Take a look and see the difference 1.8 can make with sharpness vs blur.

Mom and Daughter

F 1.8, ISO200, 1/100th sec handheld 50mm Prime

Hello!  Although the weather is starting to warm up now, a few weeks ago it wasn't very nice.  I met with Clare and we had planned to be outside and take a some fun photos of her and her daughter in the snow and playing outside.  Unfortunately we were in the middle of a cold and windy snap which left us to decide weather to re book or go for it!

As you can see, we made the best of things and were able to get some great photographs of them together and especially some portraits of her daughter with her little teeth ;)  Take a look and enjoy!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Family Photography Sylvan Lake

I met with Tammy Fish and her extended family on Christmas Day for a quick photo session here in Sylvan Lake.  If you can remember, it was -25 without the wind outside which made for a fast session that required some pre planning.  Tammy had some great ideas and props for her photos.  Will all of her family on board we hammered them out one after another... haha!  It was fun though, very festive and warm smiles helped us forget about the temperature.  In order to work quickly, I shot without external flash (ambient light only) and used a single lens (my "workhorse" 24-70 2.8L).  It proved once again to produce superior photos that are crisp and colorful.  With the setting sun as our backdrop,  I was also able to keep a nice warm feel to the photos which should help everyone forget about the frozen torture they had to go through!  Thanks again to Tammy for being so organized.  I had a great time meeting all of you!

Bower Ponds Family Photography

Hello Everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  Mine was busy trying to squeeze in last minute photo sessions for families that were gathering over the holiday season.  Sometimes it isn't easy getting everyone together after families grow up and move apart.  Fortunately,  I am usually available during holidays and other unusual times such as weekdays so don't worry about having to squeeze your pics in during an already busy weekend ;)

Keely and Brad met me with their cute kids at Bower Ponds a few weeks ago...