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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Red Deer College Nursing Class Graduates

I recently had the opportunity to take photos of the graduates from RDC's nursing class.  We began shooting a series of portraits of each girl in a portable studio set up I brought to RDC.  I used a 4 foot softbox with a strobe and experimented with a bit of cross lighting.  The Softbox sat camera left at about 45 degrees while the naked strobe sat high over their shoulders camera right.

All of the nurse grad's wore the traditional nursing uniform creating a cool unique and almost old fashioned look.  Finally for the class photos, we experimented with some old fashioned "no smiling" photos along with some casual shots around RDC.  We didn't have any plans for our group photos and just shot things that came to mind as we walked the hallways.  I think they turned out great and hope the girls enjoy them!

As always, posted are a few of my favorites.



  1. The SIUE School of Nursing also operates a satellite campus in Springfield that American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Nursing College

  2. I have two relatives that just received their RN pin. Where can I buy the nurses hats shown in this picture. I really want the nurses hat of the early years, but yours look close. Can you help me? Lanny Benson