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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cooper Stenberg | Pet photography!

Hey Everyone!  I got a  new puppy and his name is Cooper.  He is 11 weeks old today when I took these photos.  In case you are wondering, he is a yellow lab.  So far he has been well behaved and very loving.  However he still is a puppy and likes to investigate everything he can get his nose and mouth on!

Friday, November 6, 2009

RDES | Red Deer Emergency Services Firefighters in action

Working with RDES I had the opportunity to get some cool photography during training.  We took to the streets of Red Deer and were given the opportunity to use real structures to practice forcible entry as well as  simulated firefighting evolutions and rescues.  Equipped with smoke machines and various tools, fellow firefighters laddered roofs and cut holes for ventilation.  Attack teams entered the smoke filled, zero visibility,  house and completed searches and rescued victims.  RIT teams also made entry to the house to rescue down or trapped firefighters and break through walls to escape "over-heated" rooms.

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