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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jeff Morin | Bodybuilder | Edmonton | Photography

I took a few casual shots today for a local bodybuilder Jeff Morin.  He is competing twice today and met me in between shows for a quick photo session.  I set up using two light stands with hard flash (no umbrella) and set one flash to 1/4 power and the other one ranged from 1/4 all the way up to 1/1.  The flash camera left was the flash set to 1/4 power and was about Jeff's shoulder height and pointed almost directly at him from 90 degrees.  I played around with my other flash which was camera right in various strengths and heights and angles.  Either way, strong hard flash looked the best to bring out muscular definition.  When I would bring one or both of the flashes slightly in front of Jeff, it would soften the shadows and reduce the defined look.  Hard flash 90 degrees from both sides proved to work the best.  I was then able to move around and keep Jeff in the middle and shoot how I chose.

Note: When we did our shoot in the middle of the afternoon it was very hot and sunny.  I was unable to overpower the light very well so we hit the shade.  Amazingly we found enough shade that I could shoot as low as 2.8 if I had chose and still hit under 1/250th of a second.  The sun came and went from under clouds which caused me to constantly change my aperture to compensate but it went fairly smoothly.  In the end, I was impressed by the amount of ambient light I was able to knock down using two small strobes.  I could go further and burn down the background light texture but I kinda like it...

Most shots were taken with my 24-70 lens at F3.5 - 6, 1/250th sec ISO 100

Thanks again Jeff!  Hope you did well in your competition :)

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