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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wilson Family Maternity Photos | Sylvan Lake Studio Photography

I recently had the opportunity to take studio photos for the Wilson family.  We stretched the limits of the space we had and came up with some great creative and fun shots......
 They were a great family to work with and full of big genuine smiles.  They made my job so easy!  We initially began with a CYC (white seemless) background and blasted it with an Alien Bee studio strobe to make sure it was completely white. Then I was able to control light separately on the family and tried to avoid any light spill.  It takes a bit getting used too but once everything is set up, you can really fire off a lot of pictures before having to change set ups.  Next we used a plain muslim style background that didn't reflect as much light and set up the alien bee strobe with a giant softbox.  This is where poor mom had to stand in the dark in between shots so we could cut out all of the ambient light and create that soft side light you can see in some of the photos.

One light from one side and converted to monochrome in the "darkroom".  All photos were shot using a Canon 40D 24-70 L series 2.8 lens.  Two strobes were used with umbrellas to light the subjects.  I used an ISO of 100 and kept my shutter speed locked at 1/250th of a second which is the fastest I can shoot with flash.  Finally I adjusted the light power and distance in conjunction with my F stop of about 3.5-4.5 range.

Thanks again to the Wilson family!  I had a lot of fun ;)

Kurt Stenberg

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  1. Kurt, these photos are beautiful! Thanks for posting them. I. Can't wait to see the rest of the shoot. We had a lot of fun doing this shoot too. Thanks for all your patience with us.

    Ridehl Wilson