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Friday, November 6, 2009

RDES | Red Deer Emergency Services Firefighters in action

Working with RDES I had the opportunity to get some cool photography during training.  We took to the streets of Red Deer and were given the opportunity to use real structures to practice forcible entry as well as  simulated firefighting evolutions and rescues.  Equipped with smoke machines and various tools, fellow firefighters laddered roofs and cut holes for ventilation.  Attack teams entered the smoke filled, zero visibility,  house and completed searches and rescued victims.  RIT teams also made entry to the house to rescue down or trapped firefighters and break through walls to escape "over-heated" rooms.

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I was also able to capture teams of firefighters completing an S-800 Industrial firefighting course down at the Red deer Fire training grounds.  This is where the photos of live flame and the hydrant pics come from. The fire training grounds offer an excellent opportunity to feel the heat of live fire as well as work with suppression in a more lifelike situation.  Firefighters would isolate an emergency shut off valve with fog stream patterns and the lead firefighter would move in to shut off the fuel to the fire.

These photos, among others, will be used by RDES for training as well as artistic display at the fire training grounds.

I would like to take the time to thank CTO Godwin and C. Viens for their excellent instruction and this opportunity!  Enjoy...


TECH INFO:  all shots were ambient light ISO 200-400 and shot with Aperture priority usually in the 3.5-5.6 range and then converted to monochrome in PS LR.  I used the 40D with a 24-70L series lens as well as a 70-200L series IS lens.

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