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Friday, December 18, 2009

Stenberg Studios is Born!

Well it aint much but its a start ;)  My new place in Sylvan Lake has a lot of extra room downstairs in the unfinished basement so I thought I would experiment with the space.  I got my hands on some stands/crossbar and a medium slate backdrop and set it up.  A couple of small strobes, umbrella, and a chair and its ready to go!  Well... I still  need to iron out some kinks... or should I say creases in the backdrop haha!

More pics and info after the jump... click read more below

But more seriously, I hope to have things up and running shortly.  At least I have another option for photography and can dab into another style of shooting.  I will have some white CYC soon and hope to get a few more lights.  My roof seems adequate and absorbs a lot of light so I dont think I will have to put much work into the surrounding area which will be nice.  Otherwise I think a bit of black fabric will do the trick to catch any falling or bouncing light.

My first real assignment with the studio set up (which by the way is portable) is to take some headshots of new staff with Red Deer emergency services.  So, if anyone wants some glamour shots let me know cause I could use a bit of practice to fine tune some things before I go pro with this stuff :)

If you have any questions about the set-up or comments, tips etc.... please feel free to comment below.


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