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Friday, May 21, 2010

Sylvan Lake Fire May 18 2010 | Aftermath

On May 18th at about 1700 four houses burnt down and a number of other homes were damaged from the severe heat radiating from the blaze.  News reports state that nobody was physically injured however there are families suffering with the loss of everything they once owned.  Sylvan Lake RCMP victims services is accepting donations etc if you wish to support these families.  More information can be obtained from them.

I spoke with the photographer from the Red Deer advocate....

....and he told me he was in town last night enjoying the beach when he noticed the smoke.  He quickly went to find out the origin and was confronted with the fire even before the fire department arrived.  He posted an online video and slideshow of the images he captured last night during the fire.  Visit the Red Deer advocate website if you are interested.

These photographs were taken today while fire investigators were still searching through the damage possibly looking for evidence to determine a  cause of the fire.  At this time, it is unknown how the fire started.  A witness stated they saw a propane tank "explode" on a back deck and a large fire flame extended from the tank igniting the home.

I have also posted a full set of 36 photos that you are welcome to view if you visit my flickr photostream  Please click on the right side SET labeled "Sylvan Lake fire"

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  1. Wow Kurt, these photos really capture the emotion of the event.