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Monday, August 23, 2010

Parsons Newborn Baby Photography | Sylvan Lake

1/125 sec, F 3.5, ISO 6400 natural window light
35mm zoom on 24-70 L series lens with 5D mkII

This was my first official photoshoot with my new Canon 5D Mark II and using Adobe's new Lightroom 3 to edit......
 Once again, I am  climbing the learning curve hoping to be able to produce larger, crisper, and all around better quality photos.  So far the 5D has impressed me with its low light capabilities being able to shoot ISO 3200 and 6400 without a hitch.  Combined with improved noise reduction in LR3, I can create better quality photos than with my old 40D at ISO 400 using LR2.  There are too many new features to mention on both the camera and software but I recommend both to any professional photographer.  LR3 can be downloaded for free as a trial off of Adobes website if you care to see the program.

1/250 sec, F 11, ISO 200 -  alien bee w/softbox left - shoot through umbrella w/580 ex strobe right
55mm zoom on 24-70 L series lens with 5D mkII

The Parsons came over one evening with their new baby only a week old to get some fresh shots of the little guy.  He was super cute and did pretty good at posing for the camera considering all of the new surroundings.  Apparently babies don't like to be cold, hungry, and flashed in the face with studio strobes!  Who would have thought?  In the end we worked with what we had and took photos down in the studio as well as upstairs near a large front window in my home for natural light.  As I mentioned above, the high ISO made this all possible so we didn't have to aggravate baby Ben any more....

1/400 sec, F 2.8, ISO 3200 natural window light
51mm zoom on 24-70 L series lens with 5D mkII

Finally I am super excited to say that I was able to capture Ben's "First Look" (Movie - Zoolander).  If you love this movie as much as I do, you'll know what I mean when you look at the picture above ;)  Ha ha.

Take care everyone

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