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Friday, September 10, 2010

Sylvan Lake Wedding Photographs "teasers"

I recently photographed the Laiss McLeod wedding here in Sylvan Lake.  The bride and groom, along with their wedding parties, made the day a whole lot of fun!  We were threatened by rain all week but lucked out with a pretty decent day.  Anything but rain is always a good day for me ;)......

Prior to the wedding Raelene had shown me some photographs from a friends wedding they attended.  They couldn't describe to me what it what that they loved about them but I knew right away when I saw them.  So when I began editing their photographs I knew that lots of punch, vibrance, and a good dose of high black levels were in order ;)  Rae also loved what she couldn't describe as wide angle shots with a slight distortion and vignette.  This was great to know prior to her wedding since I was able to shoot with specific lens' and camera / strobe settings knowing what I was going to produce in post production.


Here I have posted a couple teasers from their wedding so you can see what we were all talking about!  I hope you all enjoy ;)  PS the pic of the wedding couple was done in a bit of an old fashioned style... a bit off the wall but thought I would throw it out there and see if I get any bites!  Please feel free to leave comments on this site.