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Friday, February 18, 2011

Macro Flower Photography : Lilly's | Digital copies available!

Macro 100mm Prime Lens 800ISO, F11, 1/200 sec, One light camera left
Digital Copies are available for print.  Please email me with intended size (crop dimension) of photos you plan to print as well as glossy vs matte paper.  I will sharpen and crop to you specs and deliver your photographs to you.  I have many others from this set and if you are interested I can post a full album but these are my favorites and give a good variety.  Of course there is no watermark in your copies and they are at full printable resolution.  These photos are only web resolution and would look terrible if printed!

I currently sell copies (CAD) of any of my edited images as follows:

One digital copy: $20.00
Three copies $50.00
Five copies $75.00

It was a nice change of pace when I was asked to provide print quality photographs for display.  When I looked through my already existing photo's I found  nothing I liked.  I knew that the request was for multiple photos that could be displayed together.  To me this meant shooting pictures in a theme with similar editing ie: monochrome.  Monochrome helps the eye relax and focus on shape texture and tone in a photograph creating a mood rather than seeing a picture and coming to the conclusion: it's a flower!  So I ended up shooting a bunch of lilly's in various ways.  I thought this would be  a great time to get out the macro lens and put a different perspective on the flower.  I used strobes to light the flowers from different angles and my studio techniques (described below in the headshot posts) to create a black background.  The top photo is my favorite if I had to choose.  But I know in the end, when printed, these photos will look good presented together in a mosaic representing all parts and angles of the beautiful Lilly.

Kurt -

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