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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Central Alberta Maternity Photography

Gavin and Holly were a great couple to shoot.  And their two boxers were a treat to be around and include in the photos.  We had a bright sunny day filled with unlimited amounts of fluffy clouds.  This made for a challenging and always changing shoot, but it always pays off with a dramatic vibrant sky that has a lot of character.  

Holly chose to do a more casual style, mostly outdoor maternity shoot (my favorite!).  The emphasis does not always have to be on the belly since it is pretty obvious in all of the photos ;)  We marked the moment in a variety of locations around their acreage and even up against a few windows in their home.  I chose a wide variety of photos from the shoot to show how different and unique maternity photos can be.  


  1. We just got the CD in the mail! Love the pics you did for us - thank you so much :) Can't wait til the baby arrives so we can do the newborn pics!

  2. Awe, Holly and Gavin, these are amazing pictures!! Love them!!