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Monday, March 9, 2009

"Strings" a picture is worth a thousand notes

Working with Calgary musician Tyler W., I helped him to create some imagery for his studio.  He plays a variety of instruments but his passion lies with the sound created by "strings".  I took these photo's in a specific way that would tell the story of the instrument.  The Cello displaying is beautiful curves in such a perfect balanced form.  It's scroll a form on its own deserved its own attention.  I tried to make my focus on the prominent parts that a musician may touch and interact with.  This may all sound funny to you but it's all for a purpose.  By capturing images with "feel" through its shape texture and color I was able to evoke certain emotions through its viewer.  With a different perspective, such as the musicians hands on the neck of his classical guitar, I was able to show the bond and relationship a musician shares with his instruments.  The final result: music through imagery

Tech info

shot with Canon 40D 2.8 L series lens 28-70.  Approx = 1/80 sec (handheld), F16, ISO 1600, w/ex 580 flash bounce.  basic edit in Lightroom no Photoshop.

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