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Monday, October 26, 2009

Cherie and Tanner | Edmonton Engagement shoot Downtown Jasper Ave LRT

Weeks ago I took some engagement shots with Cherie and Tanner downtown Edmonton.  We started off on Jasper Ave near Rice Howard way and made our way to Hotel Mac and eventually down the streets of Jasper.  We got so cold that we had to make a warm up trip to the LRT and were able to play around and get some cool motion blur photos.  Congrats to Cherie and Tanner on your engagement!

Click the read more link to see more pics :)

Tech Info:  All photos were done with natural Ambient light with an ISO of 400 - 800.  The motion blur photos were with a shutter speed of about 1/25th.


  1. These are beautiful Kurt! You did an amazing job, we are so happy with them.

    Cherie and Tanner

  2. Thanks guys! I am really happy with them as well. Even though it was so cold we seemed to get a lot of great shots ;) Congrats again and I will see you soon or will drop the disc in the mail as soon as its finished!