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Friday, April 16, 2010

some ol' travel shots

I was going through my library of photos today and came across a bunch that I haven't seen in a while.  It kinda felt like when I was a kid and used to pull out some of the old family albums and actually look at prints!
 Gone are those days.  Now it seems I am lucky to catch a glimpse of my photos during a slideshow screensaver! Or on days like today when I am trying to clean out some of the junk I have lying around hogging "space" in too many places.  And isn't that a weird concept.  To think that pictures would take up "space" when they physically do not exist.  It seems digital room can have more value and priority than a spot on the bookshelf.  Funny how that all works.

Well before I get too deep, confuse myself, and get a nosebleed (why would I get a nosebleed???) I thought I would share a couple interesting looking photos that made me think twice before deleting them.  Most are taken while out for the weekend or on holidays in the past.  Personal photos from good times like fishing or hiking.
I hope you enjoy some of these pics as much as I do even though I hold them memories that go along with them ;)


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