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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Red Deer Destination Photography : Canmore

Dave and Laura were recently wed in Canmore.  The day was casual and tons of FUN!  Dave and Laura know how to have a good time ;)  Did I mention I had fun shooting their wedding?...
... The weather was threatening rain all day but some how we lucked out and the rain held off for our outdoor photos.  The rain spoiled the couples outdoor ceremony but it seemed as if it had been planned indoors the whole time.  Everyone was in good spirits and I didn't even hear one complaint about the weather.

As you can see from a lot of my photos of Dave and Laura, they like to laugh.  Joking around is pretty much norm for them. Why not have a good time?  It is a celebration isn't it?!

Congrats to Dave and Laura once again

Kurt Stenberg


  1. Love them!!! Looks really good!

  2. Wonderful pics! Nice job, Kurt!!