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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Golf Tournament Sylvan Lake | Sports Photography

Group shot at the 1st tee.  The group looking into the sun can be challenging since people squint and there can be a lot of shadows in the eyes.  In this case it worked great because everyone had sunglasses and the shoot was for fun anyways and was not formal.  The sun directly on the subjects allows for proper exposure of the bright sky in balance with the rest of the scene.  Hence the beautiful color and exposure.

Hey!  Here are a few quick pics from a recent golf tournament in Sylvan Lake at Meadowlands Golf Course.  It was the 10th annual golf tournament organized by Joel G.  The event raised money for charity and proves to be a great time ;)  Costumes are almost mandatory!  Enjoy

A Panorama self portrait!  Can you see me?  I was dressed up as the photographer.

High Key photographs use a lot of blown highlights on purpose.  In this case it removed a lot of distraction and focused on the repetitive patterns and the golfer.

nothin to say here! haha.  Joel G on the right with his buddy Marshal.  Couple of Sylvan Lake  Heros.

Low key?  Is that what they call it?  Basically a lot of blacks... not quite silhouette but reinforces shape.

Getting low ( I mean right on the ground) can add a different perspective.  It makes images more interesting since the eye is not used to viewing the world this way.  Check out the shallow depth of field as well focusing the eye on what is in focus... the ball.

this is just a nice environmental landscape shot with a nice meandering road.  Thats it.  What did you expect?

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