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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Infant Toddler Photography | Red Deer Sylvan Lake

Hello again!  I recently did some photos of Fenton with his Mom and Dad in their home in Edmonton.  We used a mix of natural light from large windows as well as off camera flash with umbrellas just to fill in some shadows.  Here is s mix of some natural looking shots that I enjoyed.



  1. He's SO PERFECT!! Beautiful Pictures!

    1. I agree - the pictures are gorgeous!!!!

  2. Thanks so much Kurt! As you can see by the comments on FB, people can "feel the love" through your pictures. We are really lucky to have such a talented friend.

  3. Thanks Greg I am glad you like them. But the credit should go to you guys for giving me some great REAL emotion to capture. It wasn't hard because you guys made it so easy!