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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Alpine Mountains Landscape Photography

A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine and I, went on a short 8km hike just north of Lake Louise to the Bow Hut for the night.  Once we arrived we dropped our packs and continued to explore the area and climbed up a small peak called the Onion Skin.  We had a great adventure and took our time, especially on the way there, to capture some great photos.  Thanks to Martin for exersising his patience while I fooled around with my G11 "Point and Shoot" so we could come home with some fantastic memories! 

I couldn't resist posting a few pictures to this blog.  It is not my usual style of photography ie: landscapes! Although I do not normally shoot them, I love a great landscape photograph.  Many of them were "environmental portraits" that include Martin as a subject within the landscape.  The G11 proved again to be a great little alternative to a bulky SLR on a backcountry trip like this one.  The camera shoots RAW which still allows me to have some room to edit once in Lightroom.   Hope you enjoy!

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