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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Calgary Engagement Photography

red and green are complimenting colors.  I love this photo for the excellent shape(s) and patters.  And of course the excellent models!!!
Hello again!  Tis the season and I am getting swamped with a wide variety of photography projects including families, graduations, city contracts and of course weddings ;)  My wedding packages also include and engagement session where I meet with the couple months in advance so they can get to know me and get used to being in front of the camera.  The couple also has the benefit of having a ton of photos to use for anything from invites to online wedding websites.  I always return a disc of fully edited images in both "High Resolution"format (for printing) AND a bonus "web size" that is made to share online and look best when viewed from a screen.

I met with Darrell and Lindy in Calgary for their engagement shoot and came home with an abundance of excellent photographs!!!  Darrell and Lindy both pre-scouted some local hidden hotspots that they wanted to have their photos taken.
They did a bunch of research online and visited the locations to make their final decision.  This proved to ensure they would receive exactly what they wanted but still let me use my creativity at each location and exercise my style ;)  Thanks to Darrell and Lindy for helping me out and putting together a list of ideas and locations!!!  Here are just a few of many favorites I have from this shoot.  I can't wait for the wedding in Cypress Hills this fall!


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