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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Corporate shoot | Color favorites

Here are a few favorites of mine from the same project in color.  The seeder/trailer shot was taken from inside a tractor while actively seeding with the farmer.  This image was enhanced with a saturation boost and a lot of contrast / blacks.  The second picture was from the seed cleaning plant.  There were a lot of dark shadows inside this "industrialistic" (is that a word?) building.  I naturally chose to use them and do a lot of silhouette style photographs.  The third and fourth shots are from the lab that 20/20 works out of.  The first one with the plant is some sort of infection or growth in the petri dish.  I cannot be sure what variety of plant this was or what infection was growing.  The 4th shot is obviously some beans!... and finally the soya plant was shot inside their greenhouse, I think with natural light, down on the university campus. 


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