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Monday, June 22, 2009

Corporate shoot | Selective color Part 3 of 3

Hello again!

Well its time for a mix of color and greyscale.  I do not normally edit pictures with selective color but a few shots from the 2020 project proved to be an excellent opportunity.  For example, the picture of the "blue stuff" under the microscope was so vibrant and blue and the rest of the picture was dull and almost greyscale already that I just gave it a little help into full blown selective color editing.  I was then sure to edit enough shots with selective color that 2020 could use a substantial amount of these if they so choose.  Not sure if they will be a big fan or not but in the end I provided them with a good mix of b/w, color, and selective color pics.  If you would like to see 200 photos from this project to get a better idea of what kind of pictures I provided to my client, please check them out here!  

TIP: To obtain selective color on these photos I did not have to use "photoshop".  Well I guess technically I did but the program is called Adobe photoshop Lightroom.  So I did not use layers or masks or anything.  I would simply isolate the color on some color sliders and reduce the saturation of the others.  Its takes some practice but works fairly well if there is a vibrant color in a picture without any or "any noticeable" similar distracting colors elsewhere in the picture.  I would then further edit with contrast etc.  I recommend Lightroom to any photographers that want to begin editing their photographs.  It is a nice and user-friendly program to get started with before learning photoshop

:: kurt

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