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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Family photos Edmonton Park "Strobist style"

The Sohnle family was a great time to shoot.  They were so easy going and very naturally playful for the camera.  They made my job so easy!  We met at the park under the SHAW conference center where they have some gazebos and natural green areas.  You overlook the river and Queen river boat and have a nice city skyline behind us.  Since it is getting later in the year, we were able to use the earlier setting sun to our advantage and get some great color from the sky.  I would try and underexpose the sky and compensate with a flash or two.  I would experiment with a CTO on one or two flashes.  In a few pictures we had three flashes in use.  Two were at 45 degree angles in behind the couples shooting down and hair / rim lighting them while a large umbrella shot down above them to light up their faces with a softer light.   You can always look for shadows in pictures to reverse engineer where the light was coming from.

In the end, I was very pleased with how these pics turned out.  I think we really captured the fun loving happy family feel in all of their photos.  I have posted some of my favorites!

*more photos after the jump!

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