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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ryan Correy Spin World Record Attempt

I was fortunate enough to combine my passion for cycling and photography for a few moments.....
while volunteering for cyclist Ryan Correy.  I spent most of my time cycling along side Ryan trying to keep him motivated and his spirits up.  At that time, he had already been on the bike for over 3 days with less than an hour rest!  Ryan also races his road and mountain bike at elite levels and hopes to land himself a spot on the canadian mountain bike olympic team.  Ryan is also known for other cycling world records and various marathon cycling events.  If you wish to find out more about Ryan Correy or would like to help support him with his dreams please check out his website

The portraits I took of Ryan are natural light from a large window to his left.  I shot high ISO 1250 and played around with a bit of longer shutter speeds 1/3 sec for the motion shot.


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