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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wallace "interior" family photos

Sometimes you can't always have good weather.  This was the case when I visited the Wallace family in Edmonton....
 Fortunately they have a large beautiful home with a lot of artistic and creative space.  We made use of the architecture and tried to show off the beauty of their family and the home.  They planned to make a large print on canvas for a holiday home down south and wanted to remember all of their family unable to travel with them.  In the end I believe it rained for a reason and forced us to capture what a great relationship the Wallace family shared together in their cozy canadian home ;)

Tech info:  Shooting a family indoors created its own unique challenges.  And you probably guessed it; low light.  For most of these photographs I shot them using an ISO of 3200 and apertures of 4-5.6 in order to keep everyone in focus front to back.  I could not sacrifice the F-stop for more light in this case.  I was able to hold steady and shoot slower shutter speeds and take multiple photos to ensure a steady shot and no blinkers!  At its darkest, such as the last photo in the basement at the bar, I shot close to 1/60th of a second.  This would have not been possible with small children since they tend to squirm a little more ;)  Finally the use of off camera flash in either one or two umbrellas, supplemented the light as well as helped freeze the subjects for a sharper shot.  I wanted the natural light in the home to come through so I only used small amounts of flash either camera right or left.  No bounce or on camera flash was used.


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