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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Photos from City of Red Deer's Activity Guide

A view looking down onto the ice of Red Deers "Arena"
Working with the City of Red Deer, I recently photographed a number of facilities for usage either online, in brochures, or activity guides as seen below.  A graphic designer then puts the pages together with the content and then they are ready for print and mail.

Taking photographs of the facilities and the people within them was a nice change of pace and a lot of fun.  It can come with it's own challenges as well.  For instance, many people (in general) may pretend they don't want their picture taken at weddings or joke about how they think they don't look that good when doing family photos.  However, in the end they know that is your job and that is why they hired you!  When shooting public facilities, nobody expected or asked anyone to come and take their picture.  People react a little differently to say the least ;)  But with a little conversation most people will warm up to the idea and realize I'm not giving them a choice! Just kidding....

The header photo is mine of the building exterior.

Finally, the dive tank from Michener Aquatics center is featured here.

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