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Friday, January 14, 2011

Red Deer Ross Street "Winter Nights"

ISO 1600 F4.5 1/25th 
 These were a couple of photos I shot to test the ambient light on new years eve in downtown Red Deer......
.... I was setting up to shoot a bride and groom just before they tied the knot and knew we wouldn't have much time since it was almost -30 outside.  I was cold bundled up and couldn't even imagine how cold it was going to be with no coats on!

ISO 1600 F4.5 1/25th
I loved the colors in these photos and couldn't resist editing them to see how I could enhance the already attractive exposure.  I didn't have to do much, just cleaned up some of the noise and left them almost original.  Under each photo I have included the settings I used for these shots.  I could have dragged the shutter to get some vehicle light movement but was still thinking about shooting quickly and not blurring the couple that was going to be standing in front of the lens any minute.  I ended up using similar settings for the couple and including some strobes and umbrellas as well.  I hope to post them in the near future when I finish editing the wedding ;)  Enjoy

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