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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

B.C.'s Sunshine Coast

5D Mk II, full RAW, Rapid Fire shutter, AF servo, 195mm zoom L series lens, ISO 400, F 4.5, 1/6400 sec

Original photograph
I came across these two photos this evening and thought I would share them with you on my blog.  I was in the mood to post something other than portraits.

The first photo is a very cropped down picture from its original as you can see.  I used full RAW mode on my camera in anticipation of the major croppage I was going to have to perform.  Not bad considering how far away the bird was.  It was a good test of resolution on my 5d mk II's maiden voyage.

The second photo is a 1 second exposure of a waterfall on Goat Island on Powell lake.  I am not sure why I used ISO 200.  I must have forgot I could push the camera to a low ISO 50 and get an even longer exposure to soften the water.  Oh well.  For whatever reason, that was the exposure I took and it worked just fine.

Please let me know what you think or some of your experiences with similar photographs ;)

1.0 sec, F22, ISO 200, 24mm


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