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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nicole and Cam's Wedding in Calgary Alberta

I am getting a little behind with my blog posts I think!  I shot Nicole and Cam's wedding back in September.  At least I finished editing their pics by October ;)  I drove down to Calgary and met Nicole at Angles Salon in Calgary SE.....
 From there the wedding party moved to the 4 points Sheraton to get dressed and put on some make up.  Finally we headed just down the road in Calgary's SW to a beautiful golf course where they shared an outdoor wedding.  At one point, the sky was black and there was a monsoon of rain complete with thunder and lightning while Nicole looked out the window getting her make up done.  But somehow, the sky cleared up and it was nothing but clear blue sky for the rest of the day!  I had a wonderful time shooting Nicole and Cam's wedding and meeting all of their friends and family.  Thanks again Nicole and Cam.  All the best!