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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Portrait Photography | Sylvan Lake Red Deer

#1- A close crop on this photograph.  See the "original" below and two other crops of the same photo.
Portrait Photography doesn't have to be like your kids school photos.  You can create simpler photographs that look better and have more creativity as long as you keep your mind open.  Being in a creative mood when editing will help you to see a photo within a photo.  Tight cropping, rotation, and duplicating of good photos can help you capture something different after the photo has already been shot.

 Here I have pulled a few photos from only a few shots I took of Holly as she was getting ready for her local reception back in Alberta.  During this span of photos, we stood near a large bedroom window that let in copius amounts of soft light.  The photos probaly only lasted a couple minutes and I only needed a few.

soft focus on this photograph.  I cropped it specifically below the eyes to lend a different viewpoint which makes this photo interesting to look at.  In everyday life people are not viewed in such a way.

#2 - cropped from the "original".  This photo may display her eye but the focus is on her lips.

This photo is all about the eye(s).  Shot with a tight 2.8 the one eye is in sharp focus with the rest of the face soft.

#3 - A different crop from the original photograph.
Natural light and in a bedroom.  It doesn't always take fancy equipment to shoot an awesome portrait.
This is the original photograph that the three others above were cropped and edited from.

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