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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Destination Hawaii Beach Casual Photography

Hawaii is a great place to shoot photographs.  Hawaii is actually a great place for almost anything except skiing and hockey.  I shot a quick casual beach session while I was there and have these photos to share with you.
I chose to post a series of sepia style photographs since I believe they produced the best tonal values and textures.  They just seemed natural and were more striking than other styles of editing I chose for the rest of the photographs.  I normally do not edit in Sepia since it is not a style I personally enjoy.  However, sepia can look great in its place such as these photographs.  Please note there is a difference in these photographs.  Some display more contrast than others or sharper edges etc.  Just because you choose sepia to edit, doesn't mean they all have to look the same.  Sepia is only a warm split toned monochrome ;)

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