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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Edmonton Engagement Photography

technically negative space from the columns fill most the frame.  I love the foreground blur from the depth of field (F5 @190mm)
In Downtown Edmonton, Darren and Maryna met me near the north end of the high level bridge.  We took photos near the bridge as well as the Legislative grounds.  The area provided endless locations in sun or shade as well as the options to shoot with structural and architectural  backgrounds. Park-scape backdrops were also endless with flower gardens, fountains and even an infinity pool!  I can see now why we saw so many other photographers there:)  An excellent location if you are thinking of getting photos done in Edmonton.  Here are a bunch of favorites from this shoot.  It was hard to choose!

BOOM! Wide angle.  Not usually reserved for portraits but it looks pretty cool in this arch! (@10mm on my old 40D handheld at only 1/60sec exposure in the shade.  High ISO wasn't as good on my old 40D as my 5D mkII)

off camera flash was used here to fill light from camera left.  Classic rule of thirds technique with leading lines ;)
(1/200sec ISO 50! F5)

Motion Blur on a bright day requires pushing the limits. (F14 ISO 50 1/13sec hand held - using a flash also helps "freeze" the subjects in a slow shutter situation) Sweet sun beam too hey?

this shot shows how even a picture taken in the shade can be - all ambient lighting with a slight high key edit

Again, ambient in shade and high key editing.  High key editing works great on portraiture to naturally smooth faces without having to photoshop.... something I don't do anyways.

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