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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Destination Wedding Photography Cypress Hills

1/50 sec F4 ISO 1600 Hand held @10mm on Canon 40D - photo by Christal Stenberg

Wow! Have you been to Cypress Hills Provincial Park yet?  Very nice.  Medicine Hat also impressed me with a lot of old growth trees that line the residential streets.  That city has a lot of character.

Darrell and Lindy's wedding was beautiful and set in Medicine Hat for their ceremony and Elkwater for their reception.  I have an unreal amount of photos I could share from this wedding but knocked it down to a chronological flow (I hope).  Here are a few bunch of favorites.  Please check them out and read the captions for insight as to how the photos were taken.

(PS credit goes to my wife for the wide angle aerial photo of the ceremony.  Thanks Christal!)

I love the framing of both mother and daughter in this pic.  Very high key edit allows the natural light to fill and take over the picture.  It almost makes you feel the light filling the room.

capturing a genuine moment with true emotion is more important than technicalities of a photograph.  In this pic the grooms little sister looks up at him while the 3rd sibling is blurry in the foreground.  A great moment right after the ceremony.

I love the texture and composition of this photograph.  An artistic shot that helps reveal the great location in Medicine hat.

Nothing planned here... we made an unscheduled stop at a local coffee shop in Elkwater.  Sometimes you just have to be ready;) ISO 3200 F7.1 1/13 sec!  (my settings were from the last photo I had taken in Aperture mode hence the slow shutter speed.  I didn't have time to adjust anything.  It's amazing the speeds you can get away with if you are still and lucky!

back in Elkwater the group celebrates!  Shooting them looking into the sun allows an even exposure with a blue sky but will cause a lot of squinting.  In this case you cant tell so I didn't worry about it ;)

Sun was camera left, setting, but strong.  Flash camera right for an almost even exposure.  Very colorful and serene.
F9 ISO100 1/200 sec (sync speed)

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