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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The BABE's Photoshoot

click on the photo's to view them (a bit) larger...
I apologize for the compression rate.  They photos are not as crisp and you can tell they have been compressed for the web.  I will work on this in the future and perhaps upload larger photos.

I spent an evening with the Babe's taking a few photos near dusk.  I had just received some new wireless equipment and couldn't wait to test it out.  Specifically I received some Alien bee wireless transmitters and receivers for off camera flash work.  I was using some ebay triggers prior to then and they worked OK but were not as reliable as the Alien bee's, nor did they have the range or durability.

We literally walked across the street from their residence and toughed out the cold for about an hour.  Post production, I knocked down the photoshoot to about 30 solid photos.  Here I have posted my favorites along with a selective colored photo that Mrs. Babe requested.  Basically I had them goof around and try and keep warm.  Luckily everything worked out and nobody's toes went black.  They were such good sports, they even gave it their best shot (pun) at being "fashion models" for me in the stairs haha!  Interesting photo, although I don't expect Vanity Fair to be knocking on my door any time soon.  Too bad though, that would have been a good gig.

TECH INFO:  for the selective coloring photo, I simply imported into PS CS3 and created an b/w layer and then erased the upper layer where I wanted the original color to come back into the photo.  This is a quick and dirty method I thought I would try.  I am sure it's far from the best or most accurate but hey, it worked in this case for what I needed it for.

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