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Thursday, April 2, 2009

My First Magazine Cover!

Well, kinda not really...  Ha ha..  let me explain!  Outside of photography I am part of the Edmonton Homebrewers Guild.  A club that is based on brewing beer from scratch and even judging beer!  I know it sounds silly but a lot of us take it very seriously.  In fact, there are a lot of local professional brewers part of our Guild as well.  Anyways, enough of that.  If you are interested in the EHG just check out the website or contact me since I am the VP and competition chairperson this year :)

Usually every month we publish an online newsletter called the Worthouse News.  (wort is unfermented beer kinda like must is to wine).  In some upcoming issues I was asked to provide some interesting cover shots.  I fired a few off and this one is my favorite.

TECH INFO:  Shot at 1/200th sec at F5.6 ISO 320 in my kitchen on a white table under the tungsten light.  I used a CTO gel to correct my flash light to match the tungsten.  I set my ex 580 flash to 1/16 power and used a shoot through umbrella from about 2 feet away on camera left.  White board reflectors were also used in behind to fill shadows.  Edited as per usual in LR and set some heavy blacks and contrast to create the edgy effect.

PS: the beer was one that I made from scratch called a Kolsch.  A german hybrid beer found only in Cologne.  I won Best of Show with that beer and the recipe is supposed to be brewed professionally by Bushwakker brewpub in Regina SK.

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