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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A new look at an old favorite

I took this photo last year while visiting some family out in B.C. near Nanaimo.  There was a small coastal resort called Yellow Point lodge that was right on the rocky beach.  I took this photo of these chairs and umbrella and knew I liked it right away.  Some people may wonder why this photo is successful.  Well, for one it immediately captures emotion from most viewers.  Especially viewers that love the ocean.  It may remind them of home or holidays.  If you are not familiar with the ocean then perhaps two waiting chairs on a beach can take you back to holiday time.  Empty chairs give the sense of invitation, pulling you into the photo.  The two chairs are there waiting for you to relax.  Do you like sun or shade?

Speaking of shade, the technical aspects of this photo really keep me interested.  The biggest thing is SHAPE for me (in this picture).  Can you spot the obvious shape?  I don't know what you would call it but the shade from the umbrella surrounds the one chair in a perfect shape.  The other art form in this pic is the vibrant color.  Lots of blue green yellow etc.  Almost unnatural.  Well definitely not natural for Edmonton Alberta in spring time!

Take a look at this photo some more and see if you can find other things that attract you to it.  Does it keep your eye?  What would you do to improve it?  Leave me a comment if you wish:)

Kurt - stenberg photography Edmonton Alberta

TECH INFO:  Shot with my old Olympus E-500 SLR with a 14-45 lens @ 14mm.  ISO 100 F 3.5 (don't know why at 3.5? would rather have been F11 or so for a sharper picture and more depth of field) and at 1/1250th sec.  Shot in Raw, edited in PS Lightroom 1.  Added some minor saturation, contrast, vignette, and sharpening.  Border and watermark added in Photoshop.  Exported at 72 dpi with long edge at 1000 pix. as Jpeg  (72 dpi and SRGB color are best for web display)

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