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Friday, April 17, 2009

Stenberg Photography Self Portrait 300

A little self portrait I am quite proud of.  It is rendered in the '300' (the movie) style.  I shot this with a steady hand at really low shutter speeds while holding my breath inside the Hudson Bay Co in Banff Ab.  You can see my wife Christal in the background shopping it up.  The slight camera tilt is on purpose and adds to the artistic effect.  The pattern of the ceiling and its lights really help with a bold background and provide contrast to me, the subject.  My wife keeps things interesting and keeps your eye in the photo continually looking around for more to see.  It almost tells a story of how much fun I was having shopping! haha just kidding Christal ;)

TECH INFO: edited in LR, shot at a very slow 1/20th of a second at F5.6.  I held my ISO at 800 to keep quality and avoid any unwanted noise.  Shot at 10mm on my 10-22 canon a mirror...obviously.  I find mirrors help with self portraits :)  No kidding hey?

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